ALMERE 21st June 2020

ALMERE 21st June 2020

ALMERE 21st June 2020ALMERE 21st June 2020ALMERE 21st June 2020

We present to you

Street Food


 Indian street food is considered by some to be the hidden gem of Indian cuisine. Most of the major cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai boast amazing street food dishes. 

We bring to variety of flavours from different parts on India at one place



 Dance in India comprises numerous styles of dances  generally classified as classical or folk.  As with other aspects of Indian culture, different forms of dances originated in different parts of India, developed according to the local traditions and also imbibed elements from other parts of the country 



We plan to bring different types of workshops connected to India. Be it an Ayurveda or a painting form or simply Palmistry   or Yoga  workshop near the waterfront  . The idea is to expose you to different art forms of India in this festival.

And more ..



Experience  parades from different parts of India with their variety of musical instruments and colorful attires. Something you will not experience often in the Netherlands at one place.



 The market area has scores of shops which sell various types of jewellery, traditional indian clothing  and variety of handmade decoration items at a reasonable price.


Kids Corner

Plenty to offer for kids of different age groups. it will have a bouncy castles for the young ones, stalls for Henna, face painting and artificial tattoos and many more activities. 

Other Attractions